About Us

Simple Solutions For Odor Control

After researching and understanding the needs of greenhouses and the communities in which they lie, we created a product that makes them seem a part of the natural environment.

We believe that an effective product is one that is easy to use, meets high performance standards and is versatile in its applications. Airganics is dedicated to making sure all its products meet that standard. In order to do just that, we stay ahead of the curve, researching and developing new products so that we can meet our customers demands. Let AIRGANICS know what you need so we can design a system for you!

The Science behind the Efficiency

The Airganics product line provides solutions for two of the major challenges facing indoor growing facilities.

What is the easiest most versatile and cost effective way to control unwanted aromas and odors in my facility?
Airganics machines are fully portable but can be mounted permanently  requiring no exhaust. Simply plug in your Airganics machine and let it go to work.
What is the most effective filter for aroma and odor control?
Airganics machines feature our “Fusion Filter” that doesn’t simply filter odors but absorbs them. This ” Carbon Matrix” filter allows air to wash over its replaceable grids, oxidizing and destroying the organic compounds producing the unwanted aromas and odors.